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Xara Designer Pro X Crack combines graphic and web design, illustration, photo editing, and desktop publishing – all in one compact workspace. The new Designer Pro X is designed to make your workflow more flexible, your layout more unique, and your website more engaging.

Design print and online materials the way you want. Quickly and easily prepare brochures, flyers, newspapers, and business cards for professional printing. Import and export over 30 file formats and create custom layouts with images, graphics, and text.

Web Design Pro X allows you to build your responsive website without prior knowledge. Choose from over 240 website templates to create your designs. Intuitive drag-and-drop tools let you easily place images, graphics, text, audio, and video wherever you want.

With Xara Designer Pro Full Version optimizes photos for use online and in print. Get the most out of your images with comprehensive, easy-to-use image editing tools. Or use powerful drawing tools to design your vector graphics and illustrations for websites and layouts.

Xara Designer Pro X Key Benefits:

Desktop Publishing

  • PDF Editor 3.0 Edit PDF! Convert text, exchange images, and fill out forms directly in PDF documents using the innovative features of Xara Designer Pro X’s PDF editor.
  • Magic Color Match For a perfect match between drawings and photos, use Magic Color Match to reproduce the full-color spectrum of a photo with just one click. You can then use it as a base for your graphic, illustration, or document.
  • CMYK Support Maintain correct colors until final printing. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key) support delivers the exact tints you need for flyers, photos, and documents.
  • Freely choose file formats With Xara Designer Pro X Patch you can import, edit and export almost any file format. You can easily exchange documents and photos with your colleagues and friends, without restrictions!
  • Auto Text Pane Use the Auto Text Pane to save frequently used text, such as names and addresses, to add to any document with just one click. It is now possible to directly link the different sections, words, or texts of the document to text fields.

Web Design

  • Responsive Web Design Keep your site looking great on any device with automatic website optimization for smartphones and tablets – no programming knowledge is required! The new ‘Fit to Width’ option automatically resizes the content of each web variant to fit the width of the screen or browser, which means your website can be viewed better on different devices.
  • The Catalog-Content-Online * website template comes with 240 website templates, so you’re sure to find the perfect template no matter what your website theme is. All elements are 100% customizable. The new Magic Color Match feature offers unlimited options to customize your project.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Want to make your website accessible to as many users as possible? Use No Follow links and image data optimized for Google and other search engines.
  • Panoramic Photo Slider Use the full width of your website to display your photos. It displays your images and makes your website eye-catching. Expand the sliders however you want, either with a prominent call-to-action button or with a custom header.
  • Parallax scrolling Add more vibrancy and depth to your website: Elements like content and images move as you scroll and provide an interactive user experience.
  • Sticky objects are unaffected by scrolling and remain visible in the same position. This is a great feature for the navigation bar.
  • Exposure effect Use the object exposure effect to blur an element as soon as the associated area of ​​your website is visible in the browser. It adds movement and variety to the page.

Photo and Graphic Design

  • Background Erase Guide Create a mask to easily erase the background of an object. Simply cover the object, roughly erase the background, and erase it with one click.
  • Cut Elements Crop individual parts of your image or crop images. Select the line with the mouse and the magnetic lasso will automatically create the path.
  • Perfect photo retouching Use the fully adjustable retouching tools and tooltips to easily correct areas of the image.
  • Awesome Filters Displays photos differently each time. Simply select one of 140 photo filters from the online content catalog and apply it to your images with just one click.
  • Collage Photo Grids Create seamless photo collages. Select the template of your choice from the online content catalog *, then drag and drop your images to different positions.
  • Lighten or Darken Areas Enhance parts of the image while editing. With color avoidance and color engraving tools, you can darken or lighten the exact areas of the image.
  • Straighten the horizon Is the horizon sloping in your photo? In Xara Designer Pro X Keygen, you can simply use the “Align horizon” slider to adjust the position of the photo.
  • Vector graphics Powerful drawing tools let you draw lines, shapes, and curves using vectors and adjust the scale without losing quality. Your images are crisp down to the smallest detail. This is perfect when you need different graphics. your sizes for different uses!
  • Key Effects Bring your designs to life with charming effects like transparency, shadows, outlines, and gradients.
  • Get Creative with a Brush Choose from a variety of artistic brushes to create illustrations or apply color to specific parts of an image.
  • Customizable Shapes Start with any shape and turn them into custom design elements for your graphics and illustrations.

Xara Designer Pro X Key Features:

Performance Improved file import makes this all-in-one design workspace more dynamic and faster.

  • New Intuitive and Modern Grips: New larger grips for selection tools, Smart Shapes, and Quick Shape tools make it easier to resize and rotate objects.
  • Saving settings Even when you upgrade to a new version, Xara Designer Pro X License Key still works exactly as you expect. In the future, all settings will be saved in all versions, including program adjustments such as button palettes.
  • Import InDesign A Designer Pro X first: import InDesign. Designs can now be edited and created more flexibly. Switch smoothly between different design programs and enjoy seamless collaboration.
  • Improved Import and Export To help you fully focus on your design process, the import and export of over 70 different file formats are constantly being improved.
  • Better SVG import SVG files and vector graphics are an integral part of the design because they are scalable without losing quality. With the new Xara Designer Pro X Serial Key, you can import files not only in their original size but also without empty elements, which speeds up your work.
  • Improved HTML export bitmap files converted to vector graphics when exporting HTML in the new Xara Designer Pro X. The result, is smaller files for higher Google rankings, faster preview and publishing, and means better overall search experience for your website visitors.
  • Improved file import. Importing .ppt (x), .doc, and .pdf files is now 20% more accurate. This means the layout is easier to recognize and displays more accurately. This allows you to seamlessly edit various types of documents.


  • Footer design for faster layout: The new footer design is now automatically placed at the end of the page and follows the existing design. Once added, you can easily switch between different models.
  • Improved Table Features With new tab key support, you can now easily navigate tables and add new rows at the end.
  • Fill in characters and Complete information at a glance – the extended table function allows you to create a table of contents and convenient menus. Guide the reader’s eye from column to column with connection points.
  • More Google Fonts Xara Designer Pro X Activator now lets you activate 970 different Google Fonts for free, putting modern typography at your fingertips.
  • Auto Cut Make your design 100% true to your original idea and Xara Design Pro X will calculate the yield fully automatically. This way you can easily send a PDF / X of your design to a copier and receive an exact personalized print!
  • Headline paragraph designer and eye-catching title pages – paragraph designers allow you to create attractive and professional layouts that can be used in the same style in multiple projects. This allows you to add targeted visual accents to select areas of your project. It’s a great way to turn paragraphs into a source of attention.

New Web Features.

  • A user-friendly experience is essential when designing a quality website. Engagingly deliver complex content for visitors using the new Supersite Preview. A new search engine optimization feature lets users find exactly what they’re looking for: your website!
  • Your new supersite preview can display various heavy content with the supersite. Provide visitors with your website documents such as brochures and flyers with modern previews, which are downloadable and with intuitive navigation.
  • Optimized Image Data New Image Data Optimization allows you to add names, keywords, and alt text to images and graphics. This information makes it easier for search engines to know what your website is to better assess your site’s relevance to users.
  • Optimized links Use No Follow Links To tell search engines which links are important to your website and what content you trust to prevent search algorithms from associating your site with untrustworthy or spam content. This helps improve your ranking on Google.

NEW DESIGN FEATURES Design is a process – a new set of features makes your workflow more efficient and helps you stay focused.

  • New Rotate Workflow Fast and tailored to your needs: With the improved workflow, you can now intuitively rotate more objects. Activate the rotation mode, place a point anywhere in the document, and rotate the desired object comfortably around that rotation point.
  • Embedding custom objects Embedding images and graphics in the text is now easier than ever – just drag and drop objects to pin them where you want them. The text flow will automatically change to match the new position of the object.
  • Line Width Preview Adjust line width in your design project faster than ever before – a useful preview shows line width changes in real-time as you scroll through the options!

ONLINE CONTENT CATALOG – Choose from a wider selection of creative content and templates.

  • More Online Content Catalog Website Templates now contain over 250 modern website design templates.
  • New! Footer Design A footer gives your eBooks, brochures, and presentations a professional finish. The new footer design is automatically placed at the end of the document and follows your existing design. This allows you to experiment with different models.
  • More presentations Present your projects in the best possible way – in the online content catalog * You can now choose from over 110 presentations, which can be used to best present your ideas.
  • New! Photo Boards Photos grab people’s attention – choose from over 60 different photo boards to make your brochure, website, and flyer stand out.
  • Even more Catalog-Content-Online eBook templates now feature twice as many templates for modern eBooks. Combine text, images, and graphics to create an ebook that is useful to both subscribers and readers.

New handles Simple object editing – thanks to the new handles for the selection, Smart Shapes, and Quick Shape tools.

  • Save settings and now your personalized settings will be kept, even if you upgrade to a new version.
  • Improved SVG import SVG files can now be imported in their original size and without empty elements.
  • Improved HTML export Bitmap files are now converted to vector graphics during HTML export. This ensures a better Google ranking for your website & a pleasant browsing experience for your website’s visitors.
  • Footer designs are automatically placed at the end of a document & automatically match your existing design.
  • Improved table feature Thanks to the new Tab Key support, you can easily navigate through the new Xara Designer Pro Crack.
  • Even more Google fonts Xara Designer Pro X now offers 970 Google fonts for more creative freedom. Activate for free and start using them right away!
  • New supersite preview with the arranged supersite Preview, you can present awkward content to your website’s visitors in an attractive and downloadable format.
  • New rotation workflow with the new rotation workflow, you can easily rotate objects intuitively around any point in the document.

Even more, website templates The Online Content Catalog- now contains more than 250 website design templates.

  • Footer designs Now you can professionally put the final touches on your web & print designs in no time with the footers from the online content catalog.
  • Even more, presentations Let your ideas take center stage – with one of over 110 templates for presentations in the online content catalog.
  • Photo Panels the Online-Content-Catalog now offers over 60 diverse photo panels.
  • More Text Panels Put the focus on important quotes – with over 100 text panels. More tables More than 15 different table templates are now available in the online content catalog so that you can present data and key points.
  • More charts Present data and connections clearly and professionally with one of nine different diagrams from the online content catalog.
  • More Facebook posts the right post for every occasion – browse from the over 125 Facebook post templates available in the Online Content Catalog.
  • More Instagram Posts Are present on social media – find over 65 templates for Instagram posts in the Online Content Catalog.

What’s new in Xara Designer Pro X

  • Bug fixes & some improvements.


Xara Designer Activator & Serial Key Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8 (For Only 64-bit)
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 600
  • Hard drive space: 300 MB for program installation