Straxx Excel Password Remover Free & Pro Versions Review

your Excel password at the office can be both frustrating and a waste of time. But the right software can save your day. Straxx excel password remover is used to remove the password protection from Excel that is applied by “Protect sheet” or “Protect workbook” commands of the software. It has free versions for personal use and paid pro version for business use.

But it can only remove excel password in free version, so here also talks about the best alternative: PassWiper for Excel, which can provide better excel password recovery experience with three attack modes instead of only removing it.

So let’s take a look about the Straxx excel password remover free and pro versions and then compare it with the new all-in-one technological tool. Then you will find the best suitable excel password tool for yourself.

Part 1: Everything about Straxx Excel Password Remover Full Versions

The Straxx excel password remover is a free and paid Excel protection removing software. The software is a plug-in that must be installed on the Excel sheet. After installing, there are three options available on the Excel sheet: Unprotect sheet, Unprotect workbook, and unprotect all. These are used to remove the password protection from your worksheet. In addition, there is Straxx excel password remover pro, which is an upgraded paid version with more features to enable straxx vba password reset.

straxx excel password remover

It can’t crack vba password or file protection, it recommends other products on its website by sponsors. So it’s not recommend to use those tools.


  • You get to use the free version for personal use.
  • You can remove passwords containing special characters.
  • You can remove passwords of whatever length it is.
  • The content in the Excel sheet is not affected.


  • Straxx excel password remover has got different versions depending on your Excel version. (Hard to Choose)
  • The free trial version is only available for Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.
  • You might face errors while installing the add-in.
  • The pro version or the paid version is not value for money.

Straxx excel password remover Pro Free Download

Straxx is an easy to use password remover tool for Excel, but installing it may get tricky. Here is how you need to install and see straxx excel password remover pro full crack.

This program can’t remove file protection, i.e. if you are asked for a password when opening your workbook, this program won’t help you.

  1. First straxx excel password remover free download from www straxx com in your PC.
  2. Next, open the password-protected Excel sheet or workbook in your system. Open the Straxx software plug-in. A warning message will appear on your screen. Select “Enable Macros” option and then click on “Ok” in the next window that appears.
  3. In the Excel, go to “Tools”. Click on the “Unprotect Worksheet” or “Unprotect workbook” options. This will unprotect the worksheet or workbook. If the process is successfully done, a notification window will pop-up on the screen.

It’s pretty tricky to use this tool, and now its pro version for bussiness use costs $28, a little bit experience for people, and it also has some limitations, so here comes the best alternative with reasonable price and latest technology to help people get out of this mess.

Part 2: The Best Alternative of Straxx Excel Password in 2023

Both PassWiper and Straxx acts as Excel password remover. But there are some differences between these password removing tools. Given below is a table with the major differences between the two software.

Straxx Excel Password Remover PassWiper for Excel
Remove Worksheet or Workbook Password Recover/Remove Worksheet or Workbook Password
Cannot Remove VBA Project Password Remove VBA Project Password
Cannot Recover Opening Password Recover Opening Password
Free Version is not very easy to success Success Rate is 100%
It will take a long time and can’t save the process Recover/remove password in short time and auto-saving
Excel Password Remover PRO works for 2019 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/Office 365 on Windows 7, 8 and 10 Compatible on all Excel versions and all Windows OS

If you are looking for an alternative to Straxx Excel password remover, PassWiper for excel is the best choice with lower price and high quality. PassWiper for Excel is an excellent software that removes your Excel sheet’s password easily without damaging or affecting the content of the file. This software works quickly and is entirely safe to use. In addition, this has a unique algorithm that can decode any long, strong, and complicated password even if it includes special characters, symbols, etc.

3 password attack types used by PassWiper:

  • Dictionary Attack – It finds password instantly from the inbuilt or customized dictionary of the software.
  • Combination Attack – This is used when the user remembers the Excel password’s length and range.
  • Brute-force Attack – This is used to find all types of combination of the password if the user does not remember anything.

PassWiper includes only 3 steps to unlock your locked Excel worksheet:

Step 1. Install and launch PassWiper for Excel, select “Recover Excel Password” and then import your locked Excel worksheet.

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straxx excel password remover

Step 2. As per your requirement, select the password attack type.

straxx excel password remover pro