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PATNA SAHIB: As the evening progressed, a fight broke out over cups of lassi.

You can choose to blame the Patna heat wave, hot headed temper tantrums or even bruised egos but on the 6th of May, the very evening when Mahagathbandhan candidate Shatrughan Sinha was inaugurating the party head office of Patna Sahib legislative assembly in Kakarbagh, adult men and women, mostly Congress workers, started jostling, shouting, elbowing each other and scrambling for an extra cup was arguably a new low in any campaigning.

As if Patna, a bustling metropolis of contradictions, where Gandhi and gotra still cohabitat in public spaces, parks and museums as does caste confabulations and class prejudices – has not had enough.

Back in March the internecine rivalry, simmering discontent and BJP’s state level factionalism had exposed its ugly head when supporters of election aspirant, Union law and information technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Rajya Sabha MP RK Sinha clashed, exchanged blows at the Patna airport in full public glare.