Phonostar Player 4.02.5 With Crack Free Download

Phonostar Player The “My program” option lists programs of the following seven days that suit your taste. The “Phonostar Player” also supports subscribing to and downloading podcasts. Note: You will find the installation routines for 32-bit and 64-bit systems in the ZIP archive available for download.

About Phonostar Player 4.02.5 Cracked

If you want to comfortably listen to music and radio programs from all over the world, the free “Phonostar Player” is ideal. With the Windows software, you have access to over 30,000 Internet radio stations, of which around 10,000 are German stations. There are also around 2,100 podcasts to choose from; over 1,700 of these are German-speaking. As an alternative to simply “listening to the radio” of your favorite station, you can have all the programs currently running displayed and filter them using search terms.

Phonostar Player 4.00.7 With Crack Free Download
 If you have something else to do, record your favorite song or radio play in MP3 or WAV format. To record as MP3, however, the player requires the LAME encoder,
which you can install directly via the “Phonostar Player”. The “Phonostar Player” records the desired programs time-controlled if necessary.
A timer function ensures that you never miss a radio program. This is particularly pleasant if it is broadcast in the in spite of the middle of the night or regularly at the same time.

Phonostar Player: Record internet radio automatically

Similar to a video recorder, programs from different radio stations can be saved with the “Phonostar Player” for one recording. Recurring series of programs can be programmed in daily,

weekly or monthly rhythm.
 The software automatically shuts down your computer after a recording via a shutdown function.
above all, The “Phonostar Player” records the radio streams and saves them on the computer.
be that as it may, You can even use “wish lists” to record unknown programs that suit your taste.
 A few keywords about your areas of interest are sufficient (such as “radio play” or “thriller”).
The “Phonostar Player” then independently looks for suitable programs and records them.

even so / though  When recording Internet radio programs, you can set the quality for the MP3 format.

 player recordings in free cloud

on the contrary Practical: your computer does not have to be switched on to record programs.

With the “Phonostar Player,”
on the other hand, you can save the recordings online in the radio cloud of the manufacturer if you wish.
Regardless of where you are, you can access it later.
After registering free of charge on the manufacturer’s website,
correspondingly you will receive storage space sufficient for two hours of online recording.
If existing recordings are deleted from the cloud or downloaded,
of course …, but the memory expands again by the size of the deleted file.
comparatively, If you need more storage capacity or if you want to record several programs in parallel,
you can access the paid plus packages of the “Phonostar Player”
with a radio cloud for 50 or 100 hours of recording time.

Phonostar Player 4.02.5: Filter radio stations by genre or language

So that you can find interesting content in a targeted manner,

it offers a convenient search function which you can use to filter the huge range
different from based on language, genres such as pop, children
in contrast to classical music or country. In addition,
although this may be true you can define a “station type”
and, for example, specifically search for local radio stations, private stations,
of course or public service providers.

together with Just click on one of the entries found and you will hear the program.

Phonostar Player 4.02.5: Create radio program preview

Phonostar Player 4.00.7 With Crack Free Download

as well as Simply add your favorite channels to the favorites list. Alternatively, the lists

moreover “Last heard”, “Top station” or “Station nearby”
allow quick navigation. The “My program”
section filters all programs over the next seven days
in the first place that match your search and listening the same time Here, too, just a click of the mouse and the contribution will be not only … but also recorded by at the right time.

Phonostar app free for Android, iPad & iPhone

  • The free edition of the
  • supported advertising and has limited functionality.
  • The  available on the go as a free “Phonostar Radio”
  • as a matter of fact app for Android and iOS.
  • in addition, This also gives you access to over 9,000 channels.
  • coupled with Practical: With the radio cloud,
  • first, second, third you can record songs without burdening your data volume.
Phonostar Player 4.00.7 With Crack Free Download


in the light of phonostar-Player is that you can program recordings.

not to mention You can indicate the date,

to say nothing of time, and frequency

equally important (daily, weekly, , etc.) of the program,

by the same token you want to record.

operating systems
Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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 All did now so you can enjoy with this software and your lovely music