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KuTools for Excel Crack is an application that can provide you with very advanced features or tools for working on MS Excel. If you want to calculate the anything you can get the tools and can do the large calculation within seconds and if you want to subtract anything you can also get the formulas if you have the more than ten values and these values in the MS Excel in the different rows you will only need to select the columns or rows where you have the values of the data you will not need to write the values. Then after selecting you can get the formulas with only one click and you can get the result of the large values or data.

Uses of this app:

If you have to create the chart in MS Excel according to your business. If you do not have the experience to create the chart then you can get the advanced tools or you can create a variety of charts in Excel you can make a data table chart combo chart, Axis, or y-axis chart. And then you can put the data according to your choice you can also make the different pie charts or bar graphs and after creating the chart if you want to copy the chart with the values you can copy it with a click.

If you have the combined or complicated data for any website. Plus, if you want to separate the columns by filling the colors then you can get different colors and can put the color on the data and can easily utilize this if you want to change the colors of the background of the Excel files. You can change you can choose the bars and then select the tools for the customization of the background then after choosing the colors you have to click on the import option the background colors will be changed automatically.

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If you want to combine different pages or separate the pages of the MS Excel or after combining the pages. If you want to convert them into PDF or zip files.
You can do the analysis in MS Excel before sharing the files so you can have them fully scanned.


You can simplify the systematic data :

If you have complicated or systematic data that you are unable to understand or you want to use the tools which can simplify the data. Then this app can simplify the data which you can easily read and can understand.

You can find the specification sheet from the collection of files with the proper tools:

This app you can use for searching any files if you have a bunch of sheets in one file. If you want to search one file then you can write the name of the sheet on the top. You can with a click view your required sheet. And then if you want to rename the file again, you can do so and edit it fully.




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KuTools for Excel is an application for various kinds of Excel sheets. You can insert the new next or can delete the old data by clicking here. You can work on these files and save them with the proper passwords. If you have different links or percentages of the primary data. If you want to organize the data you can also organize not only. This you can edit the previous data. Once you have converted the file to PDF. And besides this, if you want to put the data or want to create the new data for primary data. You can create it easily.