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Komplete Kontrol mac plugin

enhances your workflow with ease of use. By mapping all your hardware intelligently, it organizes all your instruments, effects, presets, loops, and samples in one location so they can be found, played, and edited at your fingertips. Any DAW can be used with this free plugin and any MIDI controller–or even a mouse and keyboard.

Komplete Kontrol Crack is easy to use and makes your workflow smoother. It organizes all your instruments, effects, presets, loops, and samples and intelligently assigns them to your hardware so you can find, play, and edit all your sounds in one place. This free plug-in works with any DAW and MIDI controller, including your mouse and keyboard. You can combine your instruments, effects, loops, and samples with a free plug-in. You can also customize it and listen to a preview. You can easily play hundreds of scales, chords, arpeggios, and other things with Smart Play. Everything can be set up perfectly on the KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards, and it only takes seconds to set up other controllers.


All KOMPLETE instruments and effects are combined with over 750 plugins created by leading manufacturers like Waves, Spitfire Audio, Softube, Arturia, and Output in one integrated workflow. This is due to NI’s extended extension format, the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS).

Samples and loops in millions:

NKS now supports loops and samples. Nevertheless, KOMPLETE KONTROL allows you to synchronize all Sounds.com collections with just one click, bookmark everything perfectly so you can seamlessly navigate through your DAW, and work with all the sounds from the MASCHINE library and plugins. All the samples, even BATTERY, TRK-01, and FLESH, can be played with the built-in sampler, and loops can be dropped on the instrument with representatives from the DAW timeline.


By quickly browsing the tags, you can easily find the “analog” bass synthesizer, the dark soundscape preset, or the propeller drum samples in KOMPLETE KONTROL. A good preview is available now; you do not have to download plug-ins to listen to it.

Repetition of scales, chords, and arpeggios:

The intelligent playback of KOMPLETE KONTROL gives you a new way to explore the game. With a keyboard that supports more than 100 scales and modes, you can play chords with one finger, create expressive arc-like arpeggios, and more. You’ll also get all the visual feedback you need from the Light Guide if you have one of our S-Series keyboards.


With NKS, you can connect KOMPLETE KONTROL and your instruments and effects quickly and intuitively. Instrument designers are responsible for mapping since they have the most knowledge. In other words, when you open a synth preset, essential parameters like filter cuts and envelope drivers are already set, and additional parameters are intuitively divided into pages.


Regardless of the hardware manufacturer, you can control your sounds with the KOMPLETE KONTROL software. KOMPLETE KONTROL seamlessly maps your KOMPLETE and NKS instruments and effects to your controller as long as it supports MIDI.


Integrate all instruments, effects, loops, and samples in one powerful free plugin.
Browse, edit and preview all sounds.
Easily play hundreds of scales, chords, arpeggios, and other intelligent games.
Everything fits perfectly with the KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard, and you can set up more controls in seconds.

KOMPLETE KONTROL makes the most of the products of the KOMPLETE series. KOMPLETE KONTROL controls the entire universe with a single KOMPLETE extension using browser-based tags.
NATIVE MAP technology assigns all the critical parameters to each KOMPLETE instrument to play the controller buttons. The LIGHT GUIDE function shows that the zone selection keys are colored according to the device. Create a melody with an advanced arpeggiator optimized for performance.

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Komplete Kontrol mac plugin

Komplete Kontrol mac plugin

What’s new in the Latest 2023 Version?

Note: In the most recent update of Logic Pro X (10.4.5), it is impossible to record automation from NI hardware controllers. The issue is not related to this software update, and we will release a fix shortly

  • FIXED The On-Screen Overlay for KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK1 was not displaying any artwork for Sounds.com content
  • FIXED MIDI Learn was not working properly in Sampler depending on Pitch/Envelope type controls
  • FIXED MIDI parameter changes could not be used to drive host automation
  • ADDED MCU Support for KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 and A-Series (including M32) hardware
  • ADDED Audio Plug-In – playback loops in time with the internal tempo of KOMPLETE KONTROL and your DAW when hosted
  • FIXED Adding a new map via learn mode or modifying an already existed was broken in version 2.1.0
  • ADDED Sounds.com integration – “Releases” can now be synced, and downloaded content will display the original artwork
  • FIXED Intermittent controller crash when switching control surfaces in Ableton Live
  • FIXED NKS Kontakt and Reaktor Libraries were being portrayed as NI products under Vendor in the browser
  • ADDED Value Pickup mode for 3rd party MIDI controllers mapped to KOMPLETE KONTROL
  • IMPROVED Product Scanning & Remapping
    -First-time users can now scan their plug-ins and library when Komplete Kontrol is hosted in a DAW.
    -Hang on startup is fixed.
    -Scanning & remapping speeds increased.
    -Stability improvements.
    -There is an “Update” button to migrate former “Sub-Sub-Type” tags to “Character” tags in the user library.

More Info:

  • Komplete Kontrol 2
  • Native Instruments
  • 2.1.6
  • 64-bit
  • Mac OSx  10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Instructions: Attached

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