Lumenzia 11.6.1 + Activation Key Free Download [2024]

Developed by Greg Benz, Lumenzia is a panel plugin for Photoshop that helps users create and control luminosity masks, which are selections based on the brightness of pixels in an image. These masks allow photographers to selectively adjust different areas of an image based on their luminance values, enabling precise and intricate adjustments to exposure, contrast, color, and other aspects of the photograph. Lumenzia streamlines the process of creating and working with luminosity masks, providing photographers with more control and flexibility in their editing workflow.

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Luminosity masks are selections based on the brightness levels of an image, allowing for targeted adjustments to highlights, midtones, and shadows. This plugin automates the creation of these masks, making complex selections easier and more accessible to photographers and digital artists. With Lumenzia, users can efficiently enhance contrast, exposure, and color in their images with precision and control.

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