Excel Password Crack – How to Crack Excel Password At Ease

Microsoft Excel is a standard tool for different sorts of data keeping around the world, it provides awesome productivity and security features. One of them is password protection, it allows user to set “Password to open” and “Password to modify” on their Excel worksheets and workbooks. If you have forgotten your password and want to know how to crack Excel passwords, then follow the solutions given below.

Solution #1: Cracker Excel Password with ZIP Software

This solution is one of the simplest ones, if you want to know how to crack Excel password then you should probably try this out. Basically, you will have to remove password protection flag using ZIP compression tool in this method, below is step by step guide on how you can achieve this:

Step 1: Download and Install ZIP supported compression program like 7-Zip.

bypass excel password with zip softwareStep 2: Open the Excel file using 7-Zip, you can do that by right clicking the file and opening it with 7-Zip program, you will see several files and folders.

crack excel password by editing zip Step 3: Now find “xl” folder and right click on “workbook.xml” and select “Edit”, this will open the file in notepad or any other editor you have installed.

crack excel password with zip by deleting tagStep 4: Find and remove this tag completely and close the editor “ <workbookProtection workbookPassword="93AF" lockStructure="1" lockWindows="1"/>“.

Step 5: 7-Zip will prompt to replace the existing XML file, select “Yes” to save modified version of Excel file.

Step 6: If you have password protection on worksheet then navigate to xl\worksheets\sheet1.xml and remove the tag “<sheetProtection … > ” instead to remove password from worksheet

Step 7: Now open the excel file, your password will be removed.

Solution #2: Crack Excel Password with PassFab for Excel

PassFab for Excel is our recommended solution if you want to know how to cracking Excel password, hands down the best tool available for cracking password decryption. It features three different types of brute force attacks, with correct settings and parameters you can optimize the process greatly.

It also supports multi CPUs for greater performance and works flawlessly for almost all versions of Microsoft Excel files. You can crack, open your workbooks and spreadsheets both with this program, follow the below instructions to do so: