ActivePresenter Professional 9.1.1 Crack is Here [2023] | Tested

ActivePresenter Professional 9.1.1 Crack is Here [2023] | Tested

ActivePresenter Crack

ActivePresenter 9.0.6 Crack is a cross-platform solution for screen recording and eLearning designing. ActivePresenter Professional is an intuitive tool that can easily create video demonstrations, software solutions, training videos. You can even Record Your System’s Screen, Do Webcam Recording, Record Audio, Record Voice-Over. You can add smart text effects to your videos by using intelligent annotations. You can edit videos with a powerful timeline. You can Trim, Cut, Crop, Split, Join, Adjust Volume, Speed Up, and Slow Down your videos. Not only that, but ActivePresenter Professional also provides some advanced editing tools like Picture-In-Picture, Blur, Noise Removal, Audio Fade, and many more. You’ve got dozens of built-in animations and transitions.

With ActivePresenter with serial key, you can record videos like a professional. ActivePresenter Professional can help you Design Interactive eLearning content like Online Quizzes, Training Courses, eLearning Games, and Interactive Simulations. You create content for every device, either a tablet or mobile, and view it in any format like Image, Video, HTML Slideshow, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML5. You can also boost your audience’s engagement with multiple choice questions, true or false, fill in the blanks. You can even create rich interactions by using built-in themes and templates or use drag and drop. With the free version, you’ll get a watermark on output files. So you need to purchase the paid version, and you can check the software’s pricing scheme here.

ActivePresenter v9.0.6 Key Features

1: Multiple Output Formats:

  • Before exporting, you can also change the video’s quality by changing frame rates and many more. You can export your created video to multiple formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, and WebM.
  • You can export your media to popular document formats and can do further editing with MS-Office.
  • You can create a custom layout with MS-Word. You can also export your media to HTML5 format, which can run on any size of the device and any web browser.
  • LMS supports the two most widely used eLearning platforms SCORM and xAPI. You can also export your media to the formats that SCORM and xAPI support.

2: Security:

  • You can take Backup of your media in case of any crash or system failure.
  • You can also protect your projects in a shared environment with the help of passwords.

3: Screen Recording:

  • ActivePresenter Professional provides the facility of Screen Recording, and you can do multiple types of screen recording like Webcam RecordingFull Motion RecordingMicrophone, and Speech recording.
  • You can use Smart Capture to capture the screen when you press a key or click with the mouse.
  • Later on, you can use Smart Annotation to automatically generate the description and put it in your slide if you are in a hurry.
  • ActivePresenter Professional uses Lossless Video Codecs to bring you the highest quality videos with H.264 codes and many more.

4: Dark Mode:

ActivePresenter Professional 8 now has Dark Mode, which can help you in working on long projects.

5: Advanced Editing Tools:

  • You can create videos like professionals using advanced editing tools like Adding Blur effect, Noise Reduction, and Audio Normalization. You can also use the necessary editing tools like Cutting, Splitting, Deleting, Joining, Cropping, and Blurring your videos. You can also change the volume, change your video’s playback speed, or add freeze-frame to your videos.
  • You can use Spotlight to draw the attention of your audience to a specific region.
  • Similarly, you can use the Cursor Path and add click sound to cursors during screen recording.
  • You can use Zoom-n-Pan to guide the users to different parts of a screen and making a smoother transition when changing focus.
  • You can use Closed Captions to make your videos more informative for deaf or hard-of-hearing users.
  • You can use Text-to-Speech to convert text to any shape or object and close captions to speech to make your tutorials attractive.
  • You can use Multiple Media Layers to insert multiple audios and videos to a slide.
  • You can use Green Screen Effect to assist you in live streams.

6: Interactive eLearning:

You can create interactive eLearning content through Responsive Designs, Themes and Templates, Shapes and Freeforms, Object Templates, Transitions and Animations, FlexBox, Bullets and Numberings, Icons, Equation, Animated Timers, Embed HTML Packages, Quizzes, Fill in the Blanks, Conditional Actions and Advanced Interactions, Variables, Customizable Preloaders, Attach Resource to Projects, and many more.

What’s New in ActivePresenter Professional v9.0.6?

Atomi released the latest version of ActivePresenter Professional with crack on December 4, 2020, and Atomi has made a few bug fixes and enhanced the software’s working. Let’s see what they are:

  • Atomi enhanced the ActivePresenter Professional in HTML5 platforms like Exposing Media Player’s JavaScript Functions and Support on ended event for media objects.
  • Atomi fixed the bug where Active Windows is not saved.
  • Atomi fixed the bug of incorrect presentation time when switching b/w tabs in the recent Web-kit-based browsers.

System Requirements:

  • ActivePresenter 9 requires a system having at least a 0GHz Processor. However, Atomi recommends the use of 1.5GHz or later CPUs.
  • ActivePresenter Professional requires a stick of 1GB RAM. However, you can use a better RAM than 1GB to achieve optimal software performance.
  • In the case of audio recording, ActivePresenter Professional needs a Soundcard and Microphone.
  • ActivePresenter Professional requires a space of at least 1GB on your hard drive, which will be used for software installation and storing software files.
  • In the case of HTML5 simulations and HTML slideshows Microsoft EdgeGoogle Chrome 43 (or later)Internet Explorer 10 or 11Mozilla Firefox 38 (or later)Safari 8 (or later) are thoroughly tested browsers.
  • Microsoft Office version 2007 or later provides full compatibility with ActivePresenter Professional.

ActivePresenter 9 Crack Method:

  1. Install ActivePresenter Setup []
  2. Don’t open the application yet.
  3. Open Crack APP Folder and Extract Cracked File and Copy it.
  4. Paste Cracked Copied file in the Software installation folder in Windows C > Program Files > ActivePresenter
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